Occupational Therapy

Our team of Occupational Therapists assess and help people of all ages and stages to participate in everyday life.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy aims to enable people to participate in the "occupations" involved with everyday life. This could involve things like "self-care" tasks, household tasks, hobbies and interests or participation in work tasks. Occupational Therapists help by providing equipment, technology, strategies, modifications to tasks and activities to help people of all ages to do the things that are meaningful to them.

Areas that our OT team can assist with include:

  • self-care tasks (such as dressing, brushing hair and toileting)
  • cognitive skills (such as attention, memory, solving problems)
  • fine motor skills (such as handwriting, cutting with scissors, holding cutlery, doing up buttons)
  • gross motor skills (such as walking, standing, crawling, catching a ball)
  • daily living skills (such as cooking, cleaning, shopping)
  • eating and drinking (equipment to help independance)
  • emotional regulation
  • play skills
  • social skills / making friends
  • sensory processing
  • mental health
  • working / employment
  • rehabilitation (such as following a brain injury, stroke or a broken arm)

Our OT team can:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive assessment in the clinic, in the home or in the school or preschool setting.
  2. Identify functional goals for intervention in collaboration with the client, family, and other professionals involved.
  3. Provide therapy 1:1 or in small groups, or provide a home / school exercise program.

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