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What is the role of an Allied Health Assistant?

Allied Health Assistant (AHA) roles have become increasingly present within speech pathology.

Developing Social Skills in Young Adults – Some of our favourite resources

Making new friends or joining new social groups is not easy at the best of times.

The Voice of Health #4: A chat with our team leader and senior speech pathologist

Today we have Mikaela Bow, Bowral and Goulburn's team leader and senior speech pathologist.

Protecting and maintaining a healthy voice: vocal hygiene tips and tricks

As speech pathologists, we specialise in supporting effective communication across a range...

The Voice of Health #3: The upsides to graduating and working as an SLP

Today we have Bridget Kropp with us today. She is a new graduate speechie who has travelled...

3 tips for more successful mealtimes with your children

We all know that mealtimes can be manic, grab and go, chuck the TV on, that’ll do….

Giving back to the community in our Clinic for Good

We had smiles all around on Saturday as the Hanrahan Health team hosted one of our regular...

High School Readiness

Preparing for high school can be an extremely daunting thing for both children and parents.

The Voice of Health #2: Top tips for a new graduate speech pathologist

Meet one of our New Graduate Speech Pathologists Emma Lister - reflecting on her experience...

The Voice of Health #1: What is speech pathology?

Episode 1: What is speech pathology?

Using Visual Supports to Promote Communication

Communication is the exchange of messages between at least two people...

Language driven results: Vocabulary learning

Vocabulary is an essential part of oral and written language. We all use it! Having a...