At Hanrahan Health, no two days of the week are ever the same for our team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Assistants. We are so lucky to work in such a rewarding field, and the fact that our job is so diverse makes it so much more exciting. So, what does a day of a Hanrahan Health clinician look like? 

During the week, our clinicians can work in a variety of settings, including working in the clinic, to having a day out on the road, or spending a day working from the comfort of their own home. There is such great diversity in our clinicians’ caseloads- we can work all ages from with infants through to older adults. 

Our clinicians may find themselves running their therapy sessions based in the clinic, or may even travel to preschools, schools, homes and out in the community to conduct sessions. Our Speech pathologist may visit a nursing home or the hospital to assess and treat a person’s swallowing and communication skills. We find that getting out and about is an exciting way to break up the day. At Hanrahan health, we can also conduct telehealth sessions! 

During their day, our team may find themselves scanning our resources cupboards (including our abundant online resources on our G drive), planning their sessions and selecting the next fun resource or game to use. Our team love the variety of resources we have access to- it always ensures we can provide a fun, engaging and meaningful session for our clients. 

We can’t forget about our lunch break! Our team love to get together for our hour break – you may find us grabbing a bite to eat at a local café or soaking up the sun, sitting in the park. 

On a weekly basis, our clinicians get to spend an hour having a supervision session with their supervisor. This gives them an opportunity to ask questions any questions they may have and continue to develop their clinical skills. Our supervisors and team love to support you in creating personal and professional goals to strive for. In their spare time, clinicians may also watch a video on our in-house PD hub to continue their learning.

To wrap up their day, our clinicians will get some time to complete admin duties. This may involve catching up on progress note writing, responding to emails and preparing for their upcoming therapy sessions. 

So, what did my day look like today? In the morning, I conducted a therapy session in the clinic, then set off to a nursing home to complete some review swallowing assessments. I spent an hour gaining fabulous support in a supervision session before lunch. I travelled to the hospital to conduct an initial assessment, then had some free time to catch up on admin and spent my last hour conducting a session via telehealth. 

We can’t say this enough, we love the diversity in our job here at Hanrahan Health.