Choosing your first job as an early career health professional is an exciting time, and there are lots of different avenues which you may be exploring. 

This may be the first time you have considered which workplace is right for you and what can be offered in the private health sector.

Hanrahan Health offers a new graduate program which extends throughout your early career to continue to develop your clinical and non-clinical skills and support your career progression. All our locations offer early career Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist opportunities in ALL practice areas and across ALL ages with supervision from senior therapy team members. This experience allows early career clinicians to get experience in so many different areas and allows them to develop clinical interest areas if they choose.  

Here are some of the amazing opportunities offered at Hanrahan Health to support our Early Career Clinicians that I have enjoyed as an early career therapist: 

  • Weekly 1:1 supervision to answer all your clinical and non-clinical questions. 
  • Weekly early career group professional development and mentoring during the first few months of induction. 
  • Additional weekly ‘Ask Me Anything’ spots with senior clinicians that are open to our whole team. These are a drop in zoom session at various times throughout the week which have been really helpful in between supervision sessions.  
  • 4 x paid professional development days per year to attend external courses, have extra shadowing days, watch on-line webinars, visit other sites to observe. 
  • Individualised tailoring of clinical caseload interests.
  • Access to friendly clinicians across a multi-disciplinary team to support any questions you may have including a growing telehealth team. 
  • A comprehensive leadership ‘Step Up’ program, conducted in fortnightly sessions to support clinicians to develop their leadership skills and eventually support other team members as a supervisor. 
  • Supportive team and thriving team culture which has helped me to make friends and really enjoy working with my teammates. 

If this interests you - please contact our friendly team at for further information about our 2024 new graduate program! Or check out the program here on our website: