Did you know that one of our core values here at Hanrahan Health is to go above and beyond for our clients and community? And how do we do this you may ask?

Well here at Hanrahan Health we strive to make therapy accessible for everyone in the community. One way that we do this is through our “Clinic for Good” which kicked off on Saturday! Some of our team members have volunteered their time to help give back to individuals in our community who may be experiencing difficulties accessing Speech Pathology due to finances or waiting lists.

Our Clinic for Good involved provided individuals with a 1 hour free of charge session that allows our Speech Pathologist to assess any concerns the client may have and provide education and support. The face to face session is then followed up by a detailed letter that gets sent to their health care team so that support can be continued as required by other team members.

Each week we kick off our Monday morning team meeting with a quote for the week. This week our quote was “Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say”. This really resonates with our team and is our drive for our Clinic for Good. Everyone has the right to be able to have access to therapy to ensure they have support with their communication and swallowing safety. Communication is a basic human right and is something we sometimes take for granted until we are no longer able to communicate. We are very passionate about our clients being able to have as many opportunities to communicate and this is another reason the Hanrahan Health Clinic for Good was created.

We asked our team members who have given up their time (on their weekend) to contribute to the Hanrahan Health Clinic for Good a few questions, and here is what they had to say…

“I volunteered my time for the SHSP Clinic for Good to give back to our community and to use my Speech Pathology knowledge for a good cause”
“I find it really rewarding giving back to our community. To be able to help people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access our services”
“I find it is important for everyone to have access to vital health services that improve their quality of life”
“It feels good to give a small amount of time that can provide financial and emotional relief for people during this trying time”

We look forward to continuing the Hanrahan Health Clinic for Good on a regular basis and look forward to giving back to our community. If you have any further questions about Speech Pathology or about our Clinic for Good, please do not hesitate to contact our team.